Today marks the last day of 2014, and throughout the day around the world 2015 will be starting.

I would like to wish you all a very happy new year and wish you and your business / projects every success for the coming year.

This however would not be a business blog if I did not give you an offer that you shouldn't be able to resist. For 24 hours we are offering 20% off our Annual and Bi-Annual hosting plans recurring. All you need to do is use GetStarted2015 at the checkout, and you can get your website, project or business up and running. This applies to VPS's, Web Hosting and reseller web hosting.

We are also having to look into some price changes with regards to the new EU legislation on VAT that we have recently been informed about, however more information will follow soon.

Again I would like to wish you an amazing 2015 with every success.
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Posted on 31 Dec 2014 by Sergio
Cheapvpshosts is currently looking to start forming our core management team for our Freedom Network Project.

First off, these will be a fully UN PAID positions, at least initially. Depending on how well the network goes will depend on if we are able to pay you in the longer term.

We are looking for experienced server managers / owners that would be able to come on as our senior leadership team to ensure the smooth running of the day to day operations of the server where the core Cheapvpshosts team can not be managing every day.

We are also (Slightly more importantly...) Looking for experienced Web and Java developers. The website developers will need to be able to work with others and have experience in HTML, CSS, JS and PHP (PHP Most importantly). Java developers will need a strong understanding of the language in general and have a reasonable amount of previous experience in the Bukkit API.

If you are interested in either of these roles please send an email to: applications [ AT] cheapvpshosts [ DOT] com with the following information:


Body Must include:

Real Name (First is all we need):
Minecraft In Game Name:
Previous Experience:

Management positions can NOT list servers they owned that they are not running or servers still in development. You are required to show at least one active server in your evidence.

Development positions can attach source code only and NO compiled Jars or similar. You can also link us to your own projects on Github / BitBucket / Similar.

We look forward to announcing our initial team soon!

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Posted on 28 Dec 2014 by Sergio
2015 will mark our 2nd year in business and since 2013 we have made some significant changes and advances in the way that we run as a company. With this in mind we want to achieve a reasonable amount of different things with the hope of growing and improving our services further.


Currently Cheapvpshosts has some very small and limited partnerships with other projects that we support. Currently our two main partnerships is with Screenshottr and Node Software. We hope to start working with other projects including YouTube Networks. We will be listing all of our partners hopefully in January as we have yet to confirm all of these partners.

Launching the Minecraft Freedom Network

The vast majority of our staffing team are minecrafters. Here at Cheapvpshosts we have identified a "Gap" in the genres of servers currently launched within Minecraft. The main idea behind this server network will be a all op server using the bungee cord system. The idea behind this is to allow for a far higher uptime than most freedom servers, plus the ability to switch between a range of different maps with ease. Due to the logistical challenges with this it may be some time before we have major news with this. We would ideally be launching this in March time.

Major Review of cPanel Plans

Between now and mid-January we are hoping to do some major re-structuring to the way that we operate our shared and reseller hosting plans for web hosting. This is something that we have previously discussed in an earlier blog post, however is one of the smaller "Projects" that we hope to undertake to make our services even better quality and value.

Launch of Reseller VPS Plans

We hope to be able to find a good way to setup our VPS Reseller plans. This will allow you to buy a "block" of resources and re-sell them to your own clients at a competitive rate. Due to some of the other planned changes to the way our VPS's will operate (Read on...) this may be a far more long term project for us to fully ensure that it is fully implemented and implemented well. We hope to have this fully implemented around March / April time. We will be posting updates for this and the linked similar projects as they progress.

Moving from SolusVM

Since starting our VPS plans we have been somewhat dissatisfied with the SolusVM software. It is not always fully functional, often looks outdated on the interface and to be honest is not something we have been incredibly impressed with. We are currently looking into some alternatives and as soon as we have some strong potential software packages we will be running tests and updating you. Depending on how fast we can find a good package will depend on if we launch the reseller plans before or after the package change over.
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Posted on 27 Dec 2014 by Sergio
With it being "Christmas Eve Eve" today I wanted to bring you our latest three offers. All of these offers are available to both new and existing clients, so you can all take advantage!

Offer 1:

90% off of the first month of any VPS Hosting.

Use the code: Santa1

Offer 2:

Get 60% off of the first 3 months of any VPS Hosting.

Use the code: Santa2

Offer 3:

Get 35% off of the first 6 months of any VPS Hosting.

Use the code: Santa3

These offers will be valid until January 1st 2015!

Have a very Merry Christmas from the Cheapvpshosts team!
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Posted on 23 Dec 2014 by Sergio
We are happy to announce that the system is now fully back online and tickets are being caught up with now.

Thank you all for your understanding.

Due to unforeseen upstream issues our WHMCS instillation is currently inaccessible to our staffing team. We are trying to contact our upstream provider to get this issue ironed out as soon as possible.

Until this happens support will only be able to be given very limited via our Critical Issues Phone Line.

We apologize for any issues this may cause you.
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Posted on 23 Dec 2014 by Sergio