Accounts and Billing (2)
Some of the most common questions about accounts and billing
DNS (2)
Information regarding our DNS System
OpenVZ VPS (3)
Articles related to your OpenVZ VPS
Reseller Hosting (1)
General Reseller information
How do I get a SRV Record?
There are currently 2 ways for you to setup a SRV Record. Way 1 is directly through us, and way 2...
What are the name servers?
cheapvpshosts name servers are as follows: Server Name Server IP Name Server 1 Name...
What happens if I run out of bandwidth?
In the very unlikely event that you use your bandwidth allowance you can order more in advanced...
How to remove the support key
To remove our support SSH key from your VPS follow these steps: 1) Log into your server via...
Does cheapvpshosts take backups of my data?
As of August 1st 2014, cheapvpshosts will no longer backup any client data for VPS's. All...

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